DietPower 4.4

Keep your weightloss on track with this impressive app


  • Very comprehensive program
  • Allows for lots of detail
  • Online community, tutorials and tips


  • No offline help
  • Outdated interface
  • Slow


DietPower is a multi-optioned, fully configurable nutrition and diet software to log your diet and exercise and act as a coach in your bid to lose weight.

Admittedly, DietPower doesn't make a great first impression. It is old-fashioned and slow, with a barrage of details to fill in and screens to battle before you can actually get to grips with the program. Once you do, however, you will see where DietPower's strengths lie - largely the extremely configurable options for recording your dieting efforts.

DietPower works on a fairly basic principle - you log all the food you consume and exercise you do. Where it differs is that the program takes this information, as well as additional details specified in the Personal Information Form, and makes suggestions, for example, suggesting if you are running low on water or if your diet is a little carb-heavy.

This app lets you specify if you are planning to follow any conventional diet plan (Atkins, Jenny Criag, Zone, etc.), or if you are concerned with any health risks or nutrient groups. If you have the patience to keep entering your information, DietPower will surely be a great tool, with extensive charts, graphs and reports letting you know exactly how you are getting on.

Unfortunately, DietPower has a few flaws that might put users off. As mentioned above, the interface is downright ugly, while we found the app to be slow and somewhat buggy during tests. That aside, DietPower is a staggeringly complete program, and has an active online community, something that many consider essential when comes to weight loss.

DietPower is a nutrition and exercise powerhouse, marred slightly by a lack of speed and looks.



DietPower 4.4

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